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This is a journey of my creations as a fashion designer and my life experience.

Could be sarcarstic, could be nice, well..that’s life tho. You may follow my journey here and catch up with me. It’s all up to you, readers 😄😄

PS : Tap bigger number of “Some of My Creations” title, for newest of collections. Suggest and critics are welcome. As long as you drop it nicely 😊

Now, check out my bio.

A fashion designer from Indonesia.

Base : Jakarta and Solo (by appointment only)

In love with my family, friends, and Jesus Christ.

Doing custom made for :

• wedding dress
• pre-wedding gowns
• engagement dress
• evening gown
• birthday gown / sweet 16 / sweet 17
• mother of the bride dress

Any inquiries, grab me ASAP! To :

Ph. : +62 812 1741 1038
Email :
Instagram : @yennylee_couture
Blog :
Pinterest : yleebride
FB Page : Yenny Lee Bridal Couture

We do shipping worldwide 😊


Yenny Lee Bridal Couture

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