Feels Like You Wanna Die after Broken Heart? Read This.

I bet many of you feels like wanna die after break up with your lover. Or got rejected and feels like the whole world not on your side and you just prefer to die?

Some of you might think to suicide as the answer.

But hey !

Ever think if that your love one is your child who leave you for good to heaven?

There are ex-boy/girl friend. There are ex-wife/husband.

Yes. Maybe that time broke your heart so much. And the world seriously not in your side. And you prefer to die rather than loose her/him.

But darling, they are not die yet. They still alive ! And you too !!

Life must go on.

Go find another man / woman out there.

He/she just not into you if you two separated. If he/she cheating from you, darling.

Unlike when you lost your child forever.

There is no ex-daughter or ex-son. There is no ex-parents either.

The time you lost them to die, that’s the time you allow to feel broken hearted. Cos they will never be back. And you obviously unable to see them again. Ever !

If you just break up with your partner or your husband/wife then cry for a week. Then straight up your head and mind and do whatever you want as a winner.

Cos you deserve to have someone who cares you more than him/her.

The real broken hearted is the time you lost your child to heaven. Seeing them dying and knows that he/she must be think how will you be without them is the most broken hearted time.

Yes. You feels like whole world not on your side and you prefer to go together with your child.

But remember this. When JESUS say YES nobody can say NO.

Keep that in mind.

There must be reason why He lets us to see our love ones go before us.

You might also wanna die following your child. But.. your child won’t let that happen either. What they want is to see you happy. And they don’t want to burden you more with their issues.

So, if you still think to suicide after you break up, consider this.

Well.. the child die issue is a reminder for myself to keep my mind on track too.

It hurts so much. Yes.

There is name for children who lost their parents as orphans. But there is none for parents who lost their child.

It hurts and annoying. But that’s life.

So, lets face it and keep stronger.

Cos when you live. Shit happens.



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