Zoe – Emily Jalan-Jalan (Beautiful Bali 2)

Day two.

Zoe and Emily jalan-jalan again. They starts their other adventure on the next morning. Starts with delicious breakfast at hotel.

Zoe was a bit naughty. She tried to climb the fence. Which thank goodness papi saw her climbing and catch her just in time. It was so closed and dangerous.

After that Zoe got angry and seriously warning from mommy and papi. Emily just silence since she was also in shock seeing Zoe climbing and almost fall. Fiuhh.. thank goodness nothing happen to her.

Since papi knew Zoe just wanna see the view from Sthala Ubud hotel, papi decided to take some pictures. Here is one of them.

Zoe and Emily so excited seeing the pig in the cage. Well.. thats what they called. Cage – like cage for the bird. Papi said, they still too small to play with the pig so the best is just enjoy it thru the picture.

And this is the view which Zoe try to climb. Still so natural. Oopsy woopsy.. papi apology for the bikini lady out there haha.

And after breakfast done, they go down for mommy shopping time. But lucky papi has another idea. It’s lasagna for lunch while waiting for mommy!

So they let mommy walk around on Legian and Seminyak street for shopping while papi, Zoe and Emily enjoying the lasagna at Warung Italy.

Well.. because Zoe, Emily, and papi too excited to have their lasagna, they forgot to take the picture. This is Ravioli Panna e Fungi – mommy’s favorite. Zoe and Emily also try it and they looovvvveee it!

Made from spinach with some smoke beef so its very healthy and so recommended since this is very delicious.

During lunch, Emily asked mommy if she allow to go shopping by herself just like mommy do. Mommy just need to prepare some money.

Mommy and papi so surprised hearing that!

Can you imagine, lil Emily asked something serious like that?

Since we both know it’s dangerous because Emily still too young to go alone, mommy and papi don’t give their permission to go alone. With parents is a must.

Unless Emily is old enough then they able to give their permission.

Now it’s Zoe time to shock hearing Emily request. She never expect Emily will think something like that.

After having lunch, Zoe and Emily ask papi and mommy to let them play at the beach. Since the beach around Double Six has very nice view, mommy and papi allow them to play a while. Mommy tell Zoe and Emily to tease papi. To make him covers with sands. And they made it! Haha

It was so funny and so happy.

After everyone get tired, Zoe, Emily, mommy and papi go back to the hotel and enjoying dinner at hotel. They are all so dirty. Their clothes covered with sands. But it was fun!

Near hotel, it was dark again. Emily reminds papi to take night picture from the hotel – again.

So here it is. As you see the beauty from the lights. Look so artistic and still the same.

And this is the view at night. Look so pretty.

That’s for today. Because everyone so tired, they forgot to take the picture of they dinner.




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