TOKIE Brides by Yenny Lee (part 1)


Since I must have bedrest next year, I decided to postponed all custom orders. But since I couldn’t help myself for not doing anything at all, I decided to make something more simple.

So here I am!! With my second line. Called TOKIE Brides by Yenny Lee or you also may call TOKIE Brides.

TOKIE Brides goes with ready to wear kids couture, ready to wear evening gowns, and ready to wear wedding dresses.

Here is the rules. I made a sample and size chart. You drop the orders due to the size chart I gave. If you need helps with custom sizes, for example if the size chart doesn’t fits you, just go directly and I will be happy to assist you.

FYI any custom may apply extra charges.

And here is the first of TOKIE Brides collections.

Ready to wear kids couture. Check it out.

A big bow with prada lace, pearls, and fake fur make your baby looks more cute.

A simple style dress make her more comfortable to wear and play.

The details of the bow. As you see, the big bow looks stunning with mixing pearls on it.

 Have yours now by checking our size chart.

Not to forget, the picture on our little client. Thank you Mrs. Mila for trusting TOKIE Brides! Your baby looks so fabulous!

This is her. Feels like princess. Playing with her new skirt.

I can’t help myself not to share her lovely confident picture. Looks so pretty and confident on this simple princessa dress!

Thank you lil G!

That’s all our first sharing of TOKIE Brides collections. Can’t wait to share others.

You also can go to our link : 

for purchase or just contact us directly.


Yenny Lee

TOKIE Brides by Yenny Lee

Ph. : +62 812 1741 1038

Email :

FB Page : TOKIE Brides by Yenny Lee

Instagram : @tokiebrides


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