Wire Jewelry by Vanda Art Jewelry


Also wanna share you a lovely piece of necklace I ordered from Vanda Art Jewelry.

She is an accessories wire artist.

Her handy hand made a scraps into gorgeous jewely. Of course by keep using the great quality material for her work.

This is the jewelry I ordered.

As you see, she use swarovski and natural stones to make this piece into masterpiece.

Some selfie of me with this beautiful necklace LOL

One thing I love from Vanda is she is a taugh person.

1. A single mother with 3 beautiful kids. 

2. Stay keeping her faith up even one of her kid (the first son) has celebral palsy. He is now 17 years old. The second and the third are 14 and 12 years old. And they are all a loving kids. 

3. She made this piece alone by herself since it’s very rare to get employee for this area.

To me, as a single mother, do the hardwork like this without no one helping is something special. Because it’s real hard and difficult.

Especially when you live in Indonesia. Where everything you have to provide. Because there is not enough facility from the government. Such as education and health care. Unlike in abroad.

After losing her deary husband, she also kept her faith to Jesus up. Without once doubting Him. And that’s a super nice thing for me.

Me, myself ordered this necklace not because I pity her – even tho I heard her story from one of my friend and just knew Vanda that time. The reason I ordered is because I do really appreciate her beautiful art work. Cos as you see, she made it very very beautiful.

So, what are you waiting for? Go order her jewelry! It’s a custom made. It may gonna takes time but trust me. Worth with what you are waiting.

You may contact her directly to : +62 81 2843 6636 (CP : Vanda) or stalking on her Instagram account @vandaartjewelry

That’s all the sharing. Please share! Forget it not!!


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