Please Help These Special Kids

NOTE : Elizabeth is my high school friend. Please help them for the kids who need it. 

You also able to ask her directly. is her instagram link.


Yenny Lee

#Repost @eli_jeli (@get_repost)


Let me introduce you, this is Lucia, one of Jeremiah lovely friend. 

She has a same syndrome with J. 

Her parents Juliett and Jason is amazing person! They are raising money to build a playground for special need kids. 

Please help us to make this playground happen! We are raising $250K so far and halfway to our goal $500K. 

We hope to break ground next May. 


You can help to donate thru

Any amount will help to make it come true😊 

Every kids is deserve to play at the playground! ❤️ 

Let’s make them happy 😊

#lubirdslight #playground #specialneedkids #denver #colorado #donationneeded


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