Some of My Creations (part 80)


I finally able to reveal one of four dresses I prepared for Michelle Alriani Miss Earth 2017 competition.

This is a modern mix with traditional sense of art theme.

Check it out.

This is her during coronation night. The grand final evening gown of Miss Earth 2017 competition. Looks so fabulous, eh? 😊

The clear picture of the dress. As white as the clear drawing paper, I mixed with the laces and batik.

As you see the back part details, its a lil bit tail on the back to get the dramatic effect.

Before we go to the details, here is the accesories to complete this dress. Made by Jenny J. Silver. Sumping as the earrings with gradation sequins on it made it looks more perfect.

And here is the closer details of the dress.

Here is the closer details of the top part. I add 3d effects mix with sequins as the centre point of the dress.

Not to forget, the skirt part so the point of view is on the colorful dramatic batik with lil bit sequins on it.

At the end, is the top back part to make her looks sexier. Mix with colorful flowers and swarovski it makes the dress looks alive.

That’s all the sharing today. Any inquires, don’t hesitate to contact me.


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