One of my favourite date, darling.

You two, my twinnies chipmunks were born.

My deary Elizabeth Zoe Hardosubroto and Clara Emily Hardosubroto were born and live for 2 hours and 8 hours to show me how much you love your mommy and papi, after 1 week before we were done the impossible surgery.

And yes ! You two were staying for a week to show that your name we gave you are really you !

Zoe means life. And Emily means eager. That means you two are eager to live. And when you live, you two live so alive and fully happy.

You two proof that to us, darling 

You two were staying for 23 weeks in my tummy. That was fabulous months for me and papi. You two changed our way of thinking in these fabulous 5 months. We were learning and thinking a lot about life and love, sweetheart.

We learned to what best and priority in life because of you two. We also learn how to live more, care more and courage each other in sadden situation because of you two.

Thank you Zoe darling for staying 2 hours to show us how cute and strong you are. You are a cheeky lil baby who loves to tease everyone and made us cheerful in your way, darling. 

Where ever we go, people recognize you because you are so alive and cheerful. Just in a week all nurses notice you are the one who love to tease them when we should check your heartbeat. And it was always takes quite long cos you love to tease them, sweety.

Thank you my love Emily for staying 8 hours just to show me if you were staying here how hard it will be not only for you but also for mommy and papi.

You are the one who really great in pleasing and treat people very well, darling. You always take care of us. Mommy, papi and Zoe. Also to everyone else. You are the one who decides to stay until 8 hours to let me see you – after giving birth of you two, so there is no more regret for me cos I couldn’t seeing you were alive, darling.

Thank you very much my love. 

I know there is no love I can give you two more now. And its us – mommy and papi who received loads of love from you two, chipmunks.

Thank you for fabulous 5 months for mommy and papi and everyone else – Kongkong, Ama, Akong, Oma, uncles and aunties are gonna love you two as always, darling. You two will always be in our heart.


Mommy and papi.

PS : We put your favorite Doraemon together with you. Lets play together when we meet again in heaven, sweety pie.


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