Some of My Creations (part 71)


It’s super long time I didn’t share my creations.

This is some of my creations which I am finally able to share – so actually I was busy made this but been not be able to share it yet, cos the event still in 4th February 2017.

This is a birthday gown for a lucky lovely nice lil girl who turns into a woman last 30 January. She asked me to made something with flowery. And she loves red so much. So it must be with red color as the theme color.

She was so happy with the result. And also her mom who is more perfectionist than me haha. But i’m glad to meet her cos she taught me a lot about dress and life – lucky me! 😄😄

So, this is my creations. Check it out 😍😍😄😄

As you see.. this dress so huge on the skirt part. More like ball gown in my opinion with loads of flowers laces. Don’t ask me how heavy this dress is. 😄😄

A closer detail of the dress. Like fire all over the body. Mix with red flowers.

A closer details of the lace arrangement. Makes her looks more stunning.

Each petals has their own hand sewn. With laces here and there to make it looks perfect.

Last but not least, the picture on her birthday party. She just like an angel in the wood, right?

Happy 17th birthday Monique. I wish you all the best wishes.


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