“Yenny, She is Stealing Your Sewing Technique!”

When you read the title am sure you are gonna think here and there. Well.. I just wanna share my experienced during Semarang Bridal last Sunday.

The title was actually a reminder from a new friend who knew this lady who obviously trying to get my sewing technique haha

As a sewer and designer of course we have our own technique and styles. But for some people, getting easier way by coming to the expo and without reluctant open up the inside of the display collections and try to copy it, is something.

Me, myself didn’t angry with what she did. Cos I knew from our conversation that she is own a bridal shop also. Tho she didn’t admit it, but from how she open up my collection, plus a comment from my friend that she always come to another shop just to see and learn the inside of the other designers technique is a perfect proof that she is trying to copy paste my technique lol

What makes me thinking is, is it a common thing to do that? And why? Why doesn’t you try another way? Is in Indonesia that lame to share things like that?

Well.. some people won’t share their technique that’s for sure and it’s okay for me. Cos let’s say it’s part of their company secret. Cos lucky me, I still have many friends who would and not to worry to share their skills. Cos I know they have upper level from others. That’s why they dare to share their sewing technique.

Learning and sharing is a nice thing. Why should we worry if other people can do more? That means we can do even more that he/she, right? Cos we have our specialty. Each designers has their own signature. We might have our weakness in some area. But trust me, we also have our uniqueness, which means thats our strength so no one can copy.

To this lady and her son, I just feel pity to them. Cos there actually many ways to get information of how to make something like I made. And no need to made theirself get banned by other designers. Or if she say it directly to me, I didn’t mind to show her the insider after bridal expo done. Sharing made us getting more information. And that means our knowledge getting a lot for this issue, right?

Well.. it’s not only in between designers. For me cooperation more important than competition and try many ways to turn down your competitor.

If your customer said that yours are too expensive and they can get much more cheaper from other store, then let them go. There are still many people who appreciate your works. And I know once you did brilliant work, they knew that you are un-stoppable.

Oya, this is the green emerald dress I was talking about lol

Many people were curious how I made this dress haha why don’t we share and become good friends rather than back stabbed and getting banned, darl? 😆😆😄😄 

We might can make same technique but the result won’t be the same. Since we have our own taste and skills and difference perfections in making something. And that’s one of my reason why I dare to share and didn’t feel hurt if someone try to do something like that.

That’s all my sharing. I can’t sleep well these 2 days cos I really want to share my though to all of you.

If you are getting married or want to make something couture for your special day, don’t hesitate to contact me 😄😄


Yenny Lee Bridal Couture

Ph. : +62 812 1741 1038

Email : ylee.bride@gmail.com

Instagram : yennylee_couture

Blog : http://www.yleebride.wordpress.com

Web : http://www.yennyleecouture.com

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