Client vs Yenny Lee

This is sharing story of my personal experience. 

She is a client not long ago. Ai Dewi is her name. She is in Jakarta. For about 3 weeks ago she called me and asked for a mother of the bride dress for her daughter wedding. She realized this is a tight time since her daugther wedding held in 2 weeks and she needs a dress. Cos her dress turns out different from her expectation. As I see, it actually nice it just the color not like her personality. Cos she has nice, warm personality and the color was brave. So she decide to wear em in another occassion.

Back to topic, I decided to help her. I don’t know why I got feelings that I must help this lady. And since I don’t have big size stock at that moment, I offer her to custom made and she agreed. I only have about 1 week to make it from scraps til done and that time most of stores were closed due to Ramadhan but thanks God some of my suppliers help me so much. And 1 more week spares for revising if needed cos we do the measurement by online. In this case, I think it was God’s help too cos everything were gone very smooth haha

As time passed, the time for final fitting comes. She and her husband was very nice to me. They even invited me to her daughter wedding. But since I have no preparation for this – I was only brought casual shirts and a pair of boots – I decided not to come tho my cousin lend me her dress. Goshh you should see how pretty the guests were and I feel like : “okay.. it’s not appropriate to come to someone wedding with boots.”

She was also forgot to call me again on the day and it’s like okay that’s cool for me cos I feel inappropriate either to come. 

But a week later – which is yesterday, she called me again and tell me how she say sorry that she was forgot to call me again, explain everything and asked me to go to eat with her. 

To be honest, I even don’t think too much about that issue cos I understand that it was hectic and it’s not a big deal also to think too much, right? 😊

One thing I can see from her is, she is a very nice person. I was just help her with her dress. But she treated me that nice. It’s very warm.

Gosh you should hear how she support my work so much and even offer to help me looking for places. Cos am going to move to Jakarta very soon and still looking places haha sounds crazy eh? But I know patience bring luck 😄😄

I met many nice client. I also have another lovely client in Surabaya like ai Lily, ai Bing Bing. And many others who supported me very much. And you know what even we just met but these people are guarantee very nice.

I wish i can be like them as nice as that. It us very warm 😊

Oya here is the picture from her. She share to me. Thank you so much for the lovely picture ai 😙😙😄😄

See, she looks so pretty right? And her daughter looks fabulous too 😄😄

That’s all my sharing. Can’t wait for the other nice lady to go again.

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