Some of My Creations (part 66)


Long time no see. I was busy with orders lately. So this is just a brief sharing of Yenny Lee bridal collection S/S 2016.

This wedding dress very suitable for you who wants to have outdoor party.

Why? This is the reason 😊

As you see, this is a kind of transparant wedding dress on below. The matching piece for this wedding gown is a short pant. I can’t upload this dress with the skirt since the mannequin didn’t fit the skirt.

A closer detail of the top. They are sequined with love one by one and mix with silky lace.

Lower part as you see the drape tulle around silk lace. Sequined with japanese beads.

Here is the detail of the skirt part. Handle with care and love. Sequined with fully heart on it to made you looks sophisticated.

That’s my sharing for bridal dress. Any inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us.

PS :

1. We do ship worldwide.

2. Bride to be in Jakarta and going to have wedding on 2017, drop your inquiries now and get special offering from us.


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