Happy Birthday Ma – Love You So Damn Much

Last Monday was my mom 59th birthday party.

Well..it’s us. Our party for her lol

We were making stories for her birthday surprised and thankfully since she didn’t concentrate it worked well 😄😄😄


This is us. Missing 2 cheeky sis and bro. But still we had fun that time 😆😆😆 even baby bacang keep her eyes open til the party done 😄😄😄


Yes. This is the two love birds. She made her wish and am very sure she ask for us not for herself. As usual 😌


So she got roses, cakes and a warm knit coat from us 😄😄😄 hummm..no pic of the coat here. So just try to imagine it ya. It’s 100% lovely and suit to her 😄😄😄

Oww the roses are from my brother. Since he is a kind of romantic nice person I ever met lol


And this is the after party!!! Hummm.. am very sure my brother and sister want to join us so much last Monday hahaha

Japanese sake after eat chinese food a lot makes your stomach so happy 😂😂😂

That’s all happy birthday mom. On your born day we wish u all the best. Keep healthy, keep happy, and keep long life ya. That’s an order 😆😆

Love ya,

Yenny Lee

Yenny Lee Bridal Couture
Ph. : +62 812 1741 1038
Email : ylee.bride@gmail.com
Instagram : @yennylee_couture
Blog : http://www.yleebride.wordpress.com
Web : http://www.yennyleecouture.com


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