Stuck 3 hours in the Airport

For some people, stuck at the airport for about 3 hours is annoying. Well not for me. This time gimme idea to share you something. Ohh..i stuck in Yogyakarta – Adisucipto Airport domestic departure btw.

The idea come from an article I read couple months ago.

It’s an article for airport officers in Jakarta airport who did bad things to passangers luggage. Which is in this case they made and inspection as the reason of suspect weird thingy of passangers luggage. Okay, they open and check it. But the problem comes after they check it. These officers not only open up everything inside the box but also not help the passanger arrange their things into the box again. In fact, while she (in this article the passanger is a lady from Makassar) have to re-arrange her things again, these officer just laugh and help nothing.

By reading this made me thinking, how lame our Indonesian officer. But once again, we should keep positive and rational, right? It’s all depends on the person.

I put myself keep close with this officers and see what they do for about almost 2 hours. At first, I asked for a chair for me to lend. Cos at that time there is no chair for me. Cos other passanger use it. Well.. some of them kinda careless and use 2-3 chairs for them to sleep. So I go to these officers and ask for a chair. And sit there.

It was quite interesting seeing people what they brought inside their luggage. Tho I can’t see the x-ray monitor but peeking is enough haha

These passangers usually brought Indonesian food and drinks. And most of them cause a suspect cos of the shape and the packaging due to the x-ray form.

One of the interest thing I want to share here when I said its all depends on the person is, because one of these passanger brought big box with Indonesian food and 2 bottles beras kencur. Can you imagine that? He has kerupuk (Indonesian chips), peanuts, and many more but these 2 bottles cause him suspect.

So they have to open and double check it. One of the officer check the plester and the rope to tie the box again. And another goes with checking.

What I see here they check the passanger with care. They do really do their job seriously. And the most important, there is no such things like what was happened in Jakarta. They sealed the box again neatly. And they even tie the box as if there is no security check. So wonderful, right? 😊

And that’s the reason why I want to share this so not everyone judge everything as bad as article wrote. There are nice, responsibility people around us. And they are great at their work.

Oh here is a pic of them. Unfortunately when I took the pic its not so crowded anymore haha


Minimal 3 officers on the field. 1 to check the passanger, 1 to check the monitor, and 1 for checking the luggage.

That’s all my opinion bout them. Great work, happy work, and keep positive still around us.

Let’s spread the love and kindness πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

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