Good Bye Mak Hwa

Today is the second day you left us behind.

I still remember when you were come to my house. At that time you were starting loosing your memory and have problem with your stomach so you poop everywhere.

I still remember you asked me to stop cleaning the poop and let the maid do that since you thought you were at hotel not my house. And I was teasing you “which one is the maid?” Asked me. And you said “oh.. That one, the one who wore yellow shirt” Believe it or not, I almost couldn’t help my self to keep my laugh. At that time it was me who wore yellow shirt and it was me who clean the mess together with my mother in law (your daughter) but because of you were loosing your memory, you were thought there was other people.

You were also mistaken me with your niece when your memory loose more harder.

You also gimme advise since you know Dear Jesus haven’t give me child, yet. You told me story bout your neighbour and promise me to asked her which doctor she went to have baby. That was so sweet, Mak..

Gosh..many things you put me in funny great memory, Mak. I will always love you and miss you.

Am not a great story teller to share your great memories or a great writer to tell the world how great to know you, Mak. Thank you for everything. Letting me to be your best and naughty grand daugther in law.

Love you Mak Hwa. Me and Erik and all of us will keep ourself safe and healthy and full of love like you do.


Yenny Lee



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