Yenny Lee Bridal Couture on Her!

Haha when I start write down the title, I still have no idea what to call her. Bestie? Client? Model? Bride to be? Make Up Artist? Teacher? Yeahh she is all that! One of my besties and my client in the same time.

I knew her from my other bestie, Mila. Tho we are on and off due to our busy working days but when we have time, we tried to chit chat tho it just a bit. She is a kind of perfectionist person. Discipline and very on time. When she made mistake, she learn from it, or from other’s mistake. To be honest, she is one of my role model to reach this level so far. Yes, I learn so much from her especially bout working. How to be on time, dare to say yes or no as long as it for the best for clients, how to face clients, and especially how to satisfied client. doing service, so satisfaction is the most important things to do, right? πŸ™‚

I rarely write something melancholic like this (or i mostly write things like this ya? Haha) but I wanna say, it is very hard to let someone you love even it’s for good. Like her. After her wedding, she will move to Singapore. So Singaporean, if you need make up artist for your special occassion or your wedding, just call her! If you need the wedding dress or evening gown, just contact me haha FYI, she also a teacher. A freelance make up teacher. She is so patient and  fall in love with her job. So once again, any of you in Singapore, just contact her at is her blog.

Back to the topic. What I feel now is like a mother who let her daughter go for her new life. Kinda heavy but nothing to do but let her go with knowing we might much more difficult to meet up again (gosh..I even haven’t have my own baby lol). But, am sure she is having a happy life not only now, but also later til she grow old and die. I knew her partner. He is a kind of patience person. Ya ko Daniel, one of Singapore musician, am sure you will able to make her happy. And am very sure you both will be happy for the rest of your life. Cos that’s what I see from you too. Complete each other. I can see that since the first time I meet you two.

Happy wedding for you two. Put dear Lord Jesus always in your life so that He will help you pass every challenge in your life. Just like you are doing from the beginning of your relationship.

Anyway, this is the picture of you when you sing how God grace in your life. You look stunning and fabulous as usual and ko Daniel looks skinnier haha

This is you! Goshh am soo happy you let me made your dress. She looks gorgeous, right? I do believe when God comes in our life, happiness is in front of us all the time. That what I see from your love with ko Daniel, San πŸ™‚


So, this is us with baby bem. Thank Goodness she can hold her hand from  tiding up your wedding dress skirt haha

That’s all my other melancholic letter just for her


Yenny Lee Bridal Couture

Yenny Lee Bridal Couture

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