Yuka!! Auntie Couldn’t Wait To See You Dear (A Love Letter to My Niece)

Yeah..am gonna call you (even before you come to this world) as Yuka haha. I received your picture from your daddy today and I can see that you really look alike me! Haha

I told your mom that you must me a sleepy head like me. And then she said “OMG.. I wish Yuka has your sewing talent not the sleepy head things haha”. Well, I would say it’s a different things. As if you have this sewing talent, just come to me and I will happy to teach you as long as you get it seriously and discipline ya.. Otherwise I will kick your ass and get angry to you 🙂 you may ask your dad how if I get mad haha he used to it lol

I still remember when the first time your dad inform me that you came to this world. OMG.. Am sooo happy to hear that. But your dad, he got mixed feelings. Since he knew I want to have my own baby so bad. But hey, baby is a gift from God. If I haven’t got mine, I still can pick you and bring you to Solo. Or meet you there, right? Haha

The time you showed you are here to us was a blessing day. Am so happy and can’t wait to see you darling. Be sure you are healthy and keep strong until your time to born ya..

Oww here is the picture of you

You see.. This is you swallow your finger while sleeping just like me! Haha am sure tho you born as a girl, you are a fighter as strong as a man. I will teach you how to swear and shut annoying people mouth up haha am sure your daddy and mommy won’t let me do this  even angkong and ama wouldn’t let me haha

That’s it! Meet you by end of this year darling.. #kiss



(Yenny Lee Bridal Couture)

Yenny Lee Bridal Couture

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