Because of His Grace

Because of His Grace is the correct word for my situation at this moment. When many people worried (well..I was worried but not anymore) many people said it’s super hard these days to work, to earn money but not for me. Because my dear Lord taking care of me.

I do believe His hands protect me from suffer. Tho some difficult times comes up but He never give up on me. He kept remind me to hold my heart and hands on Him. And that’s what happened. I put my heart and hands on Him. Cos I believe when I do that everything I do will be success.

At this time, am so thankful thru many difficult times He let me reconciliate with my family and show me what should we do as person. As God children. I realized many people were and still underestimate me and my family, but in the other side it make me realized which is a good friend, which is not. Cos yeah, we have to choose our friends. And people who we should getting close with. What we become is affect from our surrounding, right? 🙂

As you see my parents might be not a rich people, not comes from great title of education, but what they did to me is the best thing they can do and think. I still remember when they gave me the sample book of bridal catalogue (it’s actually an adverstisement book but they didn’t know it). You might think it’s a lousy thing they did to support me. But for me, it’s amazing thing they do to me. To say it, I don’t need money from them cos I can earn it. Yeah, God gave me His bless by giving me many skills so that I wouldn’t have to worry bout life stuffs. To be loved by them is the greatest things in my life and that’s what I want.

How many people wish to be love like that? It’s true we need money. But getting love from our parents is the best thing we need in life. I was narrow minded and stupid. Cos of my wrong surrounding, I was thinking that money is the best thing in life. And start thinking bad things bout my parents. Am so thankful my dear God slap my ass (sorry for my word) and made me realize how precious my parents are cos even tho I was bad to them, they still love me. Am so thankful cos I still can make it right cos I still have my parents in my life. I can’t even imagine how would I feel if I don’t realized it til everything is too late. I can’t imagine how awful I will be.

Am so happy cos my parents still with me. And I still can get and give the love what we supposed to have. Yeah, when I write this I suddenly remember for some old people in my life which still stay in that narrow minded things, I feel pity on them. But it’s our choice to decide how our life would be. Am fully blessed and lucky cos I have loving God, parents, brothers and sister, mother in law, husband and true best friends, which is they are the true one for me. Thank you so much dear Lord for keep me in Your hands.

This truly just by Your grace I can be like this 🙂


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