East Borneo Trip

This was my trip last month to east Borneo. I went to some city including my hometown. But now, I wanna share you the purple city. It’s Tanah Grogot. Why I called it purple, it’s because the minister love purple and if you go there, most of the color in that city only green, yellow and purple. Quite unique, eh haha

One of the thing I love while I was there is the food. Yes, I found a place such as restaurant there. One of the famous they said. Warung SS is the name. They serve seafood and some healthy juice. I must say the chef is so great cos how they cook, such as crab, usually the seasoning only float on the outside, but in Warung SS, the seasoning goes until the inside of the crabs. Gosh..I finished exactly one big plate of Spicy Crab haha

Other thing I love in that city are the scene. They have bridge, so many river and the mosque even so excited to see. Even tho we have to go there for about 3 hours from Balikpapan by Ferry (local ship) and car, with quite taugh road, but the satisfaction when I get there it’s nothing for 3 hours trip!

Here are some pictures of Tanah Grogot. Check it out.

Here is one of the entrance view from Tanah Grogot. The purple hospital. Even they only small city, but I can say the service there quite good and complete.

This is the dingdong clock, near with hospital as the gate and mark that we reach Tanah Grogot. Purple as well 😉

The mosque which is  has the purple gate mix with green color on the roof.

Kandilo river all over the city.

Here are the pictures from the bridge of Kandilo river and the mosque of Tanah Grogot.

Not to forget, the super delicious restaurant Warung SS. You wouldn’t believe until you tried it by yourself. Each food and juices serve in very delicious taste. And they open from 9 AM til 3 AM in the morning. So if you are hungry, you can just go there and please your stomach with their delicious food.

Anyhow, while I was in Tanah Grogot, I can see how tidy and arranged the city. They have each spot for traditional market, for Plaza, for recreations, for eat. Yes, it’s quite hard and tiredness to get there. But once you reach this city, you can please your tummy with nice food there.

That’s all my trip report. No bad review since it is really a nice city lol

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