Tutorial Shirt Braid for Dummies


Just wanna share you a tips and trick to re-cycle your old shirt, no sew on needed, super fast, and no need extra skill.

Here is a shirt I found in my wardrobe and never use it for quite long ago. So I decided to make something different. Check it out.

What you need here are :


1. Shirt – which is still good. No need to get the new one since we are going to re-cycle what we have in our wardrobe.

2. Scissors

3. Mannequin

Tips and tricks :

1. Put the shirt on the mannequin.

Make sure the shirt put it right and not being tilt.

2. Cut the shirt.

In this case, am going to cut it on the back part. Make the distance between each cutting about 1,5cm. On this shirt I made for about 20 rows. As you see on the picture below.

Yenny Lee Bridal Couture - tips shirt braid 1-1

3. Here is the result of the 20 rows cut.

Yenny Lee Bridal Couture - tips shirt braid 1-2

4. After 20 rows cut, pull all these rows this meant to make the shirt more lithe when we braid it.

Yenny Lee Bridal Couture - tips shirt braid 1-3

5. Braid the shirt. This super simple you only need for about 5 minutes. and remember, no sew on at all.

The technique is pull the top of the row – in this case the center part – then bring it into below row. Do it until the last row. On the last part, cut the last braid and bundle it. make sure your bundle didn’t miss from the previous row, otherwise the braid will loose. And voila!! here is the braid on the shirt. Super simple, super easy, and super fast.

Yenny Lee Bridal Couture - tips shirt braid 1-4

That’s all my first tips and trick for you. Have a nice day. If any of you need to customize evening gown or wedding dress for your special day, don’t hesitate to contact me.


Yenny Lee Bridal Couture

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