Miracle Happens!!


Just wanna share what just happened to my lovely mother. Yes, I wanna share you the miracle of dear Lord Jesus.

Few years ago, my mom – when my mom still young – she got small stroke, which is caused her ear – if i’m not mistaken it was on right part she couldn’t hear. And because of her habit taking shower in the middle of the night with cold water, she got rheumatic on her legs. So every time rain gonna comes out it hurts so much.

Few days ago, my sister in law brought my mom to a healing event in our hometown. They were praying for people who has health problem. and my mom was one of the patient.

After they prayed for my mom, believe it or not, she can hear again!! clearly!! and her legs heal!! can you imagine that?? hahhaha well am sure for some people it’s a nonsense. But for us, the children it’s not only a miracle it’s a relieved for us, since my mom very afraid to go to the doctor. It’s not only a common afraid like you think it’s like a trauma or something like that. Yes, my mom is a kind of very easy person to get trauma of something. it’s a long story about her. Long story short, as long as she can hear again and her leg healed, it’s a relieved.

miracle of God - Yenny Lee Bridal Couture private file

That is my mom taken by my father. she is the one who sat on the chair with yellow staff prayed for her.

A small seed of faith can change everything. That’s what I believe and I followed.

He said that He is everywhere, be brave and no worries, also remember to put your life and heart just to Him. then every door will open. Amen

That’s it my sharing for today. Whatever happen, just be strong and keep faith to God.


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