Yenny Lee Bridal Couture – Activity

Today I went to SMK Marsudirini for say hello to the teachers and students.
Mrs. Ari and Mrs. Tina as the fashion design teachers allow me to join in one of their class and share some my experience about sewing and fashion designer tips and tricks, due to a sample dress I brought at SMK Marsudirini.

It is the first grade of the pattern making class. And Mrs. Tina as the teacher.
She ask me to share some of my experiences and tips and tricks about sewing technique, and how to become a fashion designer.

What I love from these students are they are so passionate in their class.
They asked me quite a lot about sewing technique. And as I see, they are put their effort so much in the class.

Here are the picture of their activity.


This is the activity when Mrs. Tina asked them to do a baby pattern making. As you see, they are so serious with their work.

Another things I love from this school is, both teachers and students are so active. They don’t hesitate to ask. This makes them grow so fast.

Thank you for let me join in your class tho it just for a while but am so positive these lovely students could reach their dream 🙂

Oya, any inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact me ya.

Yenny Lee Bridal Couture

Yenny Lee Bridal Couture

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