Ellen Degeneres

Just wanna share my feeling bout her.

She is one of a host of famous tv show in America, Ellen Degeneres is her name. I just knew her tv show last week. And truthfully, I feel kinda regret cos I knew her just now – I wish I knew her earlier.

What I like from her is she is so amazing in my eyes. When I saw her show at the first time, I was thinking that she is so cool. So funny and so inspiring.

From her tv show, I see many inspiring people. There are many people out there who need helps with loads of problem and yet, they still keep positive thinking. Like Adria – a single mother with 3 beautiful children. Rather than complaining, she keep on positive thinking and keep on moving. Always work hard everyday and happy everytime. This made me more realized that am so lucky cos I still have skills and job to do and yet, my problem not as big as they are. And this kinda slap my face to keep positive thinking more and more. Cos it’s true rather than keep complaining, we better to keep moving and stay positive. Cos God wouldn’t give problem that we couldn’t pass it 🙂

Anyway, this is Ellen. Go Ellen!! 😀


This is courtesy of http://www.dotheellen.com

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