Father Lee Jong-Rak Drop Box Mission

I found a fabulous news and the link bout a Father from Jusarang Church, Seoul.
Lee Jong-Rak is his name.

Why do I say this is fabulous cos his mission is truly humanism.
He made a special box called drop box to help babies from their parents who wouldn’t or couldn’t raise the baby by theirself.
By this, he helped many babies from death also the birthmothers.

He prepared lamps, smoke detector and warm machine in it so the baby will keep warm and safe.
The box is connected to the church so they know everytime there is baby in that box.
This might looks so simple. But it helps a lot.

His mission is to safe children and support birthmothers.
Due to his link, they explain what they do with this mission. When the money collected, where it goes, how to join the volunteer of this mission also, how if you want to adopt these babies.

Here is some of their explanation where the money goes:
“Your money helps support Kindred’s programs and campaigns to protect the lives of vulnerable infants, counsel and support birthmothers, and empower children with disabilities to live a full and purposeful life.”

This is the link of his news. It’s in Indonesian language.

And this is the link of his mission.

I hope from my sharing, many birthmothers who couldn’t keep their babies could do something at least to help them alive.

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