Love Cakes

Hi! I wanna share you something private bout love.
I wanna share this for long time but I think today is the right time 🙂

I asked my husband to brought me cakes after I saw Martha Steward’s cakes blog this afternoon.
They looks so yummy, btw. Thats why I suddenly want it.
Since my husband still at work, I was just like “oh okay later I will forget em..” and didn’t think too much bout it.

Later, he called me before he get back home to ask what kind of cakes I want and where to get em.
I told him some yummy cake stores near our house.
When I heard he asked me bout this simple thing, I start to think, how blessed I am having this kind of husband in my life. He is super busy and he still remember and notice my request.

I met many people who chose wrong guy in their life.
Some of them finally met their soulmate, some of them still looking for the right guy.
And am so thankful, for this lucky life.

We might not as rich as some people, but we rich with love and caring.
He might be not as romantic as other guys, but he protect and comfort me.
I realized he is imperfect as human. But he is a perfect person for me.

Dear ladies, I read an article on the internet I forgot the link as usual. But the article say like this:
“We can’t choose our parents. But we do can choose the right guy in our life”
I totally agree with this article since, I knew many of these ladies starts their mistakes of choosing the wrong guy is because they only use their feeling, not following with the logic mind.

Once, I heard a lady put all the blame on her.
Once, a lady think she can change this guy.
Another once, a lady think love is above of all.

Darling, love is above of all when you get married. That makes you everlasting.
Don’t try to change someone who broke. Cheating, gambling, drugs, hit his wife, doesn’t feed his wife and kids, are these you sure you can change? Well..I would say, I met a grandparents with 2 lovely kids, but none of their mom. Cos this poor lady, can’t hold for more broke in her life and death is the result. Their father? Well..they even didn’t met them since long ago.
We are human, so we have strength and weakness. So every fight, every argument, doesn’t mean you are the wrong one. So, stop blamming yourself. When fight happens, that means both are right and wrong in the same time. Try to face every argument with clear mind that this fight meant to blend you two for more.

When I wrote this, I suddenly remember one of my best friends. She is lucky still alive and having an adorable little girl. But, until now, she still can’t move on.
I have no idea how to move her mind from her ex husband.
But am sure, one day she will gets her true love 🙂

Anyway, here is the cakes picture.


These 3 are perfect to yummy my tummy lol

Finally I would say, feel bless for what you get.
Tho it looks so so, believe me, they are a great things in your life.
Keep positive and optimistic every second of your life then happiness will comes up.

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