Grandma Next Door

Today I wanna share you my private things.
Its about a lovely gorgeous grandma next door in Surabaya.
Why I said grandma next door? It’s because she actually isn’t my own grandmother.
But for me, she is my grandma 🙂
My mom and my aunt loves to call by Hui Yen’s grandma (Hui Yen is my chinese name btw).

I met her 2,5 years ago. Sha called me over and chitchat a lil bit.
For her, my family and I are nice people – am so touch with her feelings bout us.
Me, myself, loves to come over and talk to her. Even it just a small conversation and only few minutes, but I love to talk with her.

For me, she is a humorous person and has sensitive feelings.
I still remember when I invite her on my engagement and she fell sorry cos she couldn’t attend. I felt sorry cos I made her cry for that. Cos I knew she would come if she could.
I also remember she loves to pray for me and my husband and try super hard to keep remember me and my husband name since she realized her memory lose step by step. Am so touch for that.
I also remember how happy she was cos she got many things from her kids and her grandkids such as dress, bracelet and slippers while her kids and grandkids travelling.
I also still remember how surprised she was cos I knew her birthday and come along with small present.

Tho I didn’t met her everyday, but I know a lil bit more bout her cos she showed me and telling me her stories.

One day, she showed me her pictures when she were young. I saw a gorgeous loving lady in there.
She told me, when she lost her husband suddenly. How shock and sad she was but she learn to be taugh cos it’s life she said.
I can see a super mom and great lady in her. Her kids are doctors and they loves her so much. I can see love in her big family.

I also still remember last year when I came by to her house and we had chitchat as usual.
She told me her nurse matchmaker her with a grandpa next door hahaha can you imagine that? Am telling you, she can’t imagine that either lol
She told me, her nurse was so nosy by matchmaker her with this grandpa next door.
I still remember her big laugh for that hahaha

Gosh..I love to meet her and talk to her tho it just for a while.
I move to Solo since I got married and only per one or two months I come to Surabaya for work.
When I go to Surabaya I usually so busy but am trying to meet her cos I miss her so bad but sometimes I can’t meet her cos she was sleeping when I came to her house.

Two months ago, I met her and was so surprised with her condition. I just knew she had surgery and got drop after that.
She doesn’t remember me anymore. And she was so weak comparing few months before.
Last week I came by to her house. And as usual am trying to courage her.
What makes me hurts is her reply. She said sometimes she can’t hold on the pain. It’s too painful for her.
I almost cried when I heard it.
Gosh..I wish I can do something to take off her pain.
But I realized what I can do just praying.

I wish her long live and keep healthy.

She has super loving family.
Super big love from her kids and her grandkids.
I should say, am so happy to meet her and so thankful tho it just a lil bit chitchat with her, I learned how beautiful life is.
Yes, she taught me bout beautiful life. How to thankful for everything and depends our life just to God.

I can’t wait for September cos am gonna go to Surabaya again for work and I will meet her up.

Love you grandma. Let’s meet this September ya
#hugs #kiss

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