Love You Pa! (Happy Father’s Day)


On this father’s day, I would like to say thank you to my dearest lovely father for teaching me everything.

Thank you for always stands for me.
Thank you for support me as always.
Thank you for hold my hands for better and for worse.
Thank you for work hard for me, mom and my brothers and sister.

Tho you are not perfect as a person, but in my eyes, you are perfect as my father.
You are the one who teach me to be a positive, happy and fully thanks for what I have in this world.

The way you face the problem by always keep your smile up, teach me so much that problem isn’t that big enough to make us mourn πŸ™‚
Tho I think it was stupid but now I realized it’s one of the best way to be happy in this world!

People might think you are nothing. But for me, you are everything pa.
So keep healthy and stay long live. I wish you for more extra 100 years to be happy in this world hahaha

I knew I still can’t payback what you gave to me. But am sure you already happy by having me, eh? Hahaha
Thanks for everything pa. You are the one who teach me to keep happy and show me how true friend does exist.
You also teach me to ignore people who try to let you down and keep our step to the next path.

Am my father’s daughter. And am proud by having you pa! πŸ˜€


Happy father’s day. I wish you keep healthy and long live for more 100years haha


Remember our last year trip? Can’t wait for this year and bring you to your favorite Selat food here.


Love you..#kiss #hugs


See..this is our happy smile! Thanks for teach us this things pa! πŸ˜€


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