Happy Birthday Mom! :D

Yayyy!! Today is my lovely mom birthday..:D
Tho she is 50 something years old already, but she is still hot in my eyes lol
I wish you to keep healthy and long live so that you can play along with me and your other kids and also your grandchildren 😉

Thank you for fight to bring me to this world ma 🙂
Tho many people said this is a taugh world, but from you, i learn that this is the world which i thankful so much
It’s true i met many bad people and many bad things but still, i learnt that many nice people and many nice things surround me 🙂
It’s you who tought me that simple little things bout this world 🙂
Cos from you too, i knew am so damn happy having you as my mother and a great father also my brothers and sister 🙂

Hummm..to be honest, i should say, we all love you so damn much ma!
You are one of the greatful things ever happen in our life! 😀

Happy birthday ma!
Wish you all the best!
Keep healthy and long live together with us ya! Thats an order! LOL


Yenny Lee Bridal Couture

Yenny Lee Bridal Couture

Email : ylee.bride@gmail.com
Website : http://www.yennyleecouture.com
Instagram : yennylee_couture
FB Page : Yenny Lee Bridal Couture
Pinterest : yleebride


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