Happy Bday 88!! :D

Well..today is my dad bday. He is 60 today..yeahhh quite old eh? Hahaha fyi he even don’t remember his bday party lol so my mom, my brother, my sister in law to be and my sister successfully give him the surprised lol

Btw 88 is our love nick name. It comes from chinese number. Number 8! It sounds like “pa” so double 8 means “papa” lol

Unfortunately i cant attend at his bday party but here are the picture from my sister (and sister in law to be-eni 😀 )


These are my sister in law to be-eni, my sister-pita, my dad, my mom and my brother-cong. So this picture miss my face, my husband-ndut and my youngest brother-eyik 😀


So this is the cake my dad said that the cake is so biggg hahaha he plans to bring me some when he come to Solo 😀 the funny things from this is my dad just wondering when he saw this cake in the fridge. Cos this cake was plain no remaks such as bday things for him lol


And voila!! This is my mom and dad!! 😀

Love you pa..love you ma..am so grateful to have you both in my life tho many things happened bad and good things am so grateful to have you in my life 😀 and many happy return of the day!! I wish i can be a daughter you proud of 😉

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