Happy Birthday Ndutzzz :D

Today is my husband birthday!! 😀
I made him Birthday Noodle and Carica Ice 😀

The birthday noodle I made contains :

– baby corn,
– carrot,
– snaps, and
– meatball

just mix them all add some sugar,salt, pepper, chilli, oyster sauce, and soy sauce

at the end, voila!! Birthday Noodle is ready!! 😀


Carica Ice much more simple 😀 just do like usual fruit ice you made just add carica fruit. Carica fruit is a fruit just available in Dieng, Central Java. I bought it when I went to Dieng last Ramadhan holiday 😀

My recipe, I add nata de coco (its kinda instant coconut) and syrup sometimes. But today, I just use sugar and pure water. And for the splash, I add lemon and soft drink make it much more yummy 😀

So, its look like this 😀


The white one is nata de coco and the yellow one is the carica fruit 😀 even tho the appearnce not so cool, but believe me, its very yummy for your tummy lol

Btw, here is the pic of him LOL


As present, i gave him voucher from me 😛 hahahaha


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