Trip o trip (part 4)

Back! : D

Let’s continue our trip on Eco Green Park (EGP) 😀

As I mentioned before, this park are so friendly ecosistem. Everything there are so natural.
Here are another natural part of EGP let’s check it out 🙂


We arrived at the insect collections here is one of the them 🙂 so beautiful,isn’t it? 😉


The birds who didn’t fly!! Can you guess what are they? 😀


Another birds who walk..:)


See..they also has garden collectiond here is some part of the garden 🙂


The cactus! Many type of brother and my cousin brought some of them lol


One of the collection I love.. 😀


Then we get bavk in to the birds area but this part for the birds who can fly 😀 you see..they even let them free fly and walk around us 😀


The birds who swim!! Lol gues what are they..:D


One of my favorite part..I will show ya one of the picture inside this house 😀


Taraaaaaa…the owls..hahahha you see..they pose!! I have many picture only for these two owls cos only them who pose hahaaha

Here is the end of this part I will show you again another interesting part of EGP next time..before that..why don’t you come and take a look directly? I tell my friends to come here this Ramadhan together with the sure they will love it and so you!! 😀

Am not the marketing of EGP just love to share interesting things and places to you 🙂

Yenny Lee

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