Trip o Trip (part 3)

Next destination is Eco Green Park.
It located in Batu. Exactly beside Jatim Park 2.
If u plan to go to Jatim Park 2, please remember to visit Eco Green Park also 🙂

In EGP (I shorten it into EGP, k..:)) there are so many recycle stuffs in this park. Such as the trash bin. Check out the pic below 🙂


You see, they even use used wood for their trash bin..
Or for the scluptures!


Shaun the sheep together with me and mom LOL


Made from used cars. It’s cool, right? 😀


This is from used televisions. Together with my cousins 😉’s enough for this part..we will continue on next blog. K.. 😀

Yenny Lee

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