The Power of Praying

I believe many of you believe that pray is the most powerful things in the world 🙂

And so do I..:)

Believe it or not, it really works for me..but…not every wish is got to be proven directly or even happened in my why I still say it works on me??

Well..I asked many in my life and got a lot too..and I realized that some of them is not the best for me. So, He taugh me a lot in this case 🙂

So, I changed my pray 🙂 any of you knew Jabes prayer? Fyi, thats the only pray that the whole request are proven by God 😀 wowww..hows that happened?? I’ll share to you what was he asked to God.

Here they are 🙂

Lord, please bless me indeed
Enlarge my territory
Put Your hands on me
And keep me away from the evil

When I read this, I suddenly realized that what was he asked are the best things for him..even if he should pass them with very hard time but at the end was the best for him..and he also realised since the beginning that what common people asked mostly not the best for them. They were just think it was best to them but actually it was just good, great or even bad or worst to them. None for BEST.

So..after I realised this case, I started follow his praying and keep a piece of seed of the faith of mine that He will surely give me the best for my life 🙂

And believe it or not, I feel much better since that..I much more relax bout this living stuffs 😀

That’s my share for today. Enjoy your day and keep the spirit even it just as small as a seed. He surely will give you the best for your life 😉

Oww..don’t forget also keep working hard 🙂
Please remember “born as poor isn’t our mistake but live as poor when we old is surely our fault :p”

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