Course cake decorations by Anya Cake

I took 2 days coursefor cake decorating.
She was Mille my friend since senior she has a custom made cake company in Canada.
She opened a class when she visit Indonesia and some of us took this class..
It was so fun and more like nostalgia-ing with her..
She also brought her daughter so we can see her directly hahaha
This is some of the pic of our creations lesson. Oww there is my old friend too-Lisa is her she starts her new business in cake in Surabaya (don’t forget to contact her if u need delicious cake handmade by Lisa :D)


This is my creations. I made this for my lovely niece Gwen and Eileen who had their birthday almost the same time..I made an owl and king pig cos they love animal so bad!! Lol Especially Gwen..she loves King Pig so much lol


This was me (black and white shirt) with my creations and Lisa (she was besides me) and Mille!! Our lovely teacher 😀

So this is it! Amateur creations with expert supervision in cake decorating lol



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