Mary and Max

I watched an old cartoon from 1972 real story couple of days ago. This cartoon type is more like Shaun the Sheep but based on true story.

They tells about an 8 years old kid named Mary who gets bullied from her friends because of her birthmarks exactly on her forehead.

One day, she gets really bored of her life and randomly pick a name in USA address book and send a letter-just in case if he/she is replying her post 🙂

And Max Jerry Horowitz is the lucky one!! This fortune not stop like this. He replies her letter and also send her back a present for Mary to show how’s America is.

Fyi, he is an asperger. And believe it or not, after he receive her letter, he starts like ‘life’ after 40 years do the same routine and ‘un-life’.

Mary life also changed. As she asked many things to him 🙂 Years by years past away. They keep writing for each other. Mary grows up and so is Max-he is getting elder 🙂

Mary and Max are still friends until Max passed away on the day when Mary come to visit him. Yea..Max haven’t seen Mary for his entire life but he remember her so much in his heart.

The most part I love from this movie is, when they show up how Max remember her. I’ll tell you..he put every single of Mary’s letter on his ceiling on his apartment!! Can you believe that?? He is an asperger everyone!! And the way he remember was so brilliant!! I never meet one of asperger in my life. Just heard and watched from movies or newsletter. But I believe they are just like Max. So loving 🙂

Am so grateful by watching this movie 🙂 Thank you Mary for sharing this loving story to us 🙂



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