Best friends for ever!! :D

When we are getting old, graduated from school, getting married, moving out from current town; there is one obvious thing we left behind. That is best friend.

Me too. I have best friends. some of them from my boarding house, some of them from Uni, some of them from my childhood hahaha

I missed them so much. I had great times with them 🙂 We were so naughty, so crazy, so tight, even until now we still keep contact.

Here, I wanna show you some of my best friends from boarding house when I was in Uni. We called our self E-13 🙂 . Time fly by, we were separate in different city even different country but we still keep contact and love each other 🙂


This is us (the girls) from E-13 and the boys were our neighborhood we called them E-12. We were together for BBQ time hahaha


This is us. So tight, so crazy hahaha


We were playing card and the one who win is Nupi (the girl without powder) haha but I believe she as same as us just because of her face was so oily that’s why her powder gone away LOL


This is Cui the “massage” owner with whole collections of the boarding house dolls. The rest played as the servant LOL


Some of the “sexy massage” servant LOL


This is us looks pretty and fabulous on Mila’s sister wedding day

That’s it. Some of my best friends. Where’s yours? 🙂


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