Am sure you know this character..he played also in Once Upon A Time..Ahh..I loved this serial so much hehe

In Grimm Stories, it tells about a gnome name Rumplestiltskin, who loose his bet with a queen, cos she can tell what his name is.. At this moment, I wanna share you also this Grimm story but in my way 😉 Just for fun..hope you enjoy it 🙂

Once upon a time in a deep wood there is a poor carpenter with his daughter. I would tell you this..due to his poorness already come to his bones and he starts to bored with this poorness, he decided to do something tricky. Well he is quite tricky actually but because of his promise to his wife (his wife passed away many years ago) he live as an honest person. No wonder he is poor..Cos his wife asked him to say the truth in every way!! That’s including in business so not much money he earn so far LOL

And now, it’s the time to broke his promise and become a rich man in the city 😉

Can you guess what kind of trick he would do?

Well one day, there is a king..a super duper greedy king come to town. And by remining his “dignity”, this carpenter come to the king and say he has a very lucky daughter who can turns a cotton into a gold cotton but the problem is at that time cotton is the most rare things to get that’s why this carpenter can’t come along with the gold cotton present 😉

According to this situation the king says, “Let her come to me! I will provide the cotton for you to see how lucky she is. But, If she fail, I will cut her head and yours. If she able to turns em out, I will give you a big house in town. The deadline is 3 days from now.”

And the day has come the daughter has to stay in a dark room with spun machine and loads of cotton. This young girl only can weep her bad luck. Stuck in the middle of heartless father and greedy king.

Suddenly, There is a noise..a happy singing voice but there is none in that room!! She thought.

“Hellowww young lady..what makes you cry, my dear?” that voice talked to her.

“Where are you? Who are you? Please come out!!” asked her frightened.

“Am here. Down here..” the voice replied with un-patient tone.

And voila!! The voice comes from a gnome!! How surprised she was!!

“ a you mind with that??” asked him with high tone.

You should know gnome hate their appearance. Because they are small, short, and bald. They always envy to human appearance.

“ so sorry..I didn’t mean to..” she said.

“So..what makes you cry?” asked gnome back.

“I..I have to turns all of this into gold’s because of my father words..but still..he is my father..I have no choice but help him.” tells her.

“Ooww..poor young problem..I can fix that!!” replied him.

“Seriously??” she was so happy by hearing this gnome favor. But..

“a..a..what will I get if I help you, my dear?” asked him.

“I..I only have..” this young girl starts to confused what she has but she is a smart girl. So she says, “I only have this long hair.” She said.

And do you know gnome are very happy by having hair!! So he agreed 🙂

Only one night she stays in that dark room.

The king was so happy but his greediness come out. He wants more.. So this time, this smart girl already prepare something for this issue. But she still worried actually. How if she cant meet this gnome again? How if he refuse to help her? So many how in her mind..

And here she a dark room with more lots of cotton to go..

“Hellow..gnome..are you still here??”called her.

“ here..what do you want??” replied him roughly

“I..I need your help again, please..” asked her frightened.

“Well you know this is a piece of cake..but what do I get in return?” asked him arrogance.

“I..I have this..” she showed him a pair of small clothes with his size. Yeahh.. this young girl not only smart, she also a genious crafter 😉

“I..I heard that gnome like to look like I made this for you in advance. I made two so you can change anytime you want.” She said.

“You!!” he got angry.

“How dare you say that gnome like to look like human??” he said in high tone.

“But..I should admit this is so lovely..” he suddenly lower his voice. If there is enough light you can see his eyes become sparkle. Just like girl when they shopping and fall in love into a dress they loves so bad hahaha

“Okay..I accept this and help you.” Tell him in the end.

By hearing this can you imagine how happy she is?? Hahaha yeah she was sooo happy.

“Oww..thank you..thank you so much gnome..I will never forget this.” She said.

And as usual, voila!! The cotton comes to gold cotton. Just in a night!!

Seeing this, the king want more. But now, he give her to be a queen in return. Hearing this this young girl was sooo worried. Because she has no idea what should she do in return. She has nothing left!!

The time has come. She stucked in that dark room again with more a lot of cotton inside.

“Hh..hellow..” called her.

“Yeah what do you want?” asked him in the darkness.

“I..I need your help again gnome.” She said.

“What do I get in return?” asked gnome.

“I have nothing left..but if I can get out of here. I will become a queen.” She said.

“Queen??” replied gnome.

“Okay!!” tell gnome. He suddenly appear in front of this young girl with blast eyes.

“I will help you. But..I want you to give me your first child. I will come at his first birthday. How about that?” asked gnome.

Because of no choice for her, she agreed this deal.

And as we both know. She win this challenge again.

Time passed away now this young girl become a queen. A lovely sweetie queen. People loves her so much cos of her nice character.

She is now a mother for a sweet cute lil boy whose gonna turns into a year.

She suddenly remember her promise..

The night before the big time this gnome come into her crib.

“Hellow young’ve changed so much..” he said with tricky face.

“Hhh..hi..gnome..what are you doing here?” asked her.

“Ahhh don’t pretend that you forget your promise!!” replied him angry.

“ promise??” she suddenly crying so loud!! This makes him feel a lil bit pity.

“Sssshhh..stop crying!! I still remember that you gave me 2 pair of clothes and I was so happy with that.” He said.

“Look..I will give you a chance if you can tell me my real name, you can keep your baby. But if you fail, your baby is mine.” He continued.

Hearing this chance, this young Queen become so happy. “Oww..thank you..thank you so much gnome!!” she grab gnome so tight.

“Arrgghh..leave me alone.” He loose her hug with red blush face.

“I give you 3 days. I will come every night at this time.” He said and leave her alone.

Due to this issue..everyone in the castle are moving and trying to find out his real name. The first and the second night was passed away with nothing. She was so worried. But at the third day a guard come to her and tell her something.

On the third night, the gnome come with his happy face.

“ you know already my real name lil Queeny?” asked him tricky.

“Is it..Jeremy?” replied her.

“Nope!” he said.

“Nash?” asked her again.

“Nooo..” he starts so delightful by imagining his dinner menu.

“Is it..Rumplestiltskin?” ask her in a very small tone.

“What?? How do you know?? tricky just as your dad and your king!! You must be bribe a witch to tell you my name!!” he replied with red face. Angry.

He leave her room and never come back.

Do you know how come she knows his real name? I would tell you 🙂 On the last day a guard go to the forest for hunting. But suddenly he heard a weird voice. It comes from a gnome.he is singing!! You know what this gnome sing? He sang like this, “ Am so happy..You should happy..We will happy cos am gonna get my dinner tonight from a lausy stupid lil queen. Come my baby boy..come to me..cos my name is Rumplestiltskin.” know now who is lausy and stupid in the end hehe



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