Pregs Vitamins

During pregnancy, we need lots of vitamins and protein.  Let’s check out what we need here 🙂

1. Protein

Due to the website I found (am sorry I don’t remember the site is), they said we need to climb our protein into above 25 grams a day, which we can find in milk,cooked meat, seafood, and chicken!! Yayy..every yummy food I liked 😉

2. Iron

Another vitamin is iron which we need more than 50% during pregnancy.

Why this is so important? It’s because of the formation of the iron which is carrying protein on red blood cells. This, especially important for the second and third trimester of pregnancy. Otherwise, mom will get anemia which is linked to the low birth weights and iron-deficient infant. We can get it from the sailor girl..tutt..tutt..haha

3. Calcium

Baby needs calcium for development. If you don’t have enough calcium, it will take from your bones, which is cause decrease of bone mass and risk for the osteoporosis. This is most contain in milk..yumm..yumm..:D

4. DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid)

This is important for eye and brain development. We can get it from fishes!! Yeah!! But beware..women in their childbearing years should steer clear of shark, swordfish, king macarel, and tilefish because of the methyl mercury contain. This is a toxic for baby’s neurological system. Saver DHA-rich can find from eggs and salmon. In Indonesia there are 2 type of eggs. Broiler and Local eggs. I suggest the fortified one which is Local eggs..the best for baby J For detailed, go ask your doctor whether you need DHA supplement.

That’s it!! The most 4 important vitamin we should consume during pregnancy 🙂 And remember to be always happy while you pregs that’s good for your baby..well..every baby is an angel, right? 😉




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