Pregnant!! Am I??

First of all I wanna say thank you for you who liked my post before.. i’m so touch!! Hehe.. So here is another e-diary 😉

Last month I went to doctor to do the test for pregnancy cos I have to go out of town. Due to the suggestions from everyone that the first trimester is the most dangerous things for baby (if I really get pregs :)). But it’s not..still negative 😦 so the doctor asked me to come again about next 2 weeks after the first meeting to check out the result.

Do you know, during these 2 weeks I feels like am seriously pregnant. Every symptoms I felt, like dizzy,  nausea, easily to feel tired and urticaria/itchy every morning and night – we usually called it “biduran” (my friend says it’s because of lack of calcium in my body).

So, yesterday I went to the doctor again to check out the result.. but still negative :(. Can you imagine how angry, disappointed, sad, etc..every feelings in a place at one time!! Arrrgghhh..

So I get back home and share to my friend. She said, I might got phantom pregnancy. It sometimes come along when we want to be pregnant so bad. I read this too at the beginning. I thought this is nonsense and won’t be happen to me cos as I knew, I want to be pregnant but still take it easy.. well..I was wrong!! I admit it 🙂 happened to me for these 2 weeks!! So am telling you newly-wed who wants to get pregnant soon to be more careful for this issue 🙂 Cos me, myself, still struggle with this feelings and totally confused to differ the real symptoms or only the phantom pregnancy 🙂



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